Personalised and Bespoke Snapchat Filters

Though my BE is in Software Engineering, I have always liked to narrow my focus specifically on design. Realising the importance of softwares like Adobe Photoshop, I made it my mission to learn as soon as possible. Not only was learning a software like Adobe Photoshop a challenge alongside my university projects as the time, but it has also increased my interests in exploring furter Adobe products such as Illustrator, Fireworks and so on.

As part of self-learning, I used the software to create Bespoke Snapchat filters for my friends wedding. This sparked an interest in my work from many people, and this is where my journey began. Alongside University, becoming a graphic designer and creating these Bespoke Snapchat filters seemed like the best way for me to exercise my creativity on a regular basis. This work not only created appreciation of my designs but it has also created awareness within my friend circles extending onto their circles and so on. In addition to the joy I gain from creating these Snapchat filters, I also love satisfying my customer to make their even even more special.

So far I have created Bespoke Snapchat Filters for many occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Hen parties and Stags. Even weddings which includes the many functions within the Indian wedding itself. My work is known both nationally such as Birmingham and Manchester and internationally such as Dubai and the United States, having created many designs for a wide range of customers.

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Web design and development

  • Proposed and implemented new site content architecture and navigation scheme for company website redesign.
  • Made use of pure CSS and HTML.
  • Managed client's website design from concept to final product.
  • Worked directly with Mr. Victor Green himself to establish project scope, interaction guidelines, and project time lines.
  • Insured accuracy of website content by thoroughly editing and cross-checking.
  • Working on building resourceful front end abstractions and systems.
  • Interacted with the back-end systems and team for efficiency.
  • Developed graphic images and effects to achieve design goals with the use of Adobe Photoshop.

“Divya exceeded our expectations when she created a website for Victor Green & Company. The website style and appearance reflected the nature of the company. She was innovative, creating images and suggesting solutions. Divya delivered the outcome that was needed and was able to adapt to the needs of the business.”

- Jo Shaw, Marketing Consultant at Victor Green & Company
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Final Year Project at The University of Westminster

The aim of this project proposed to create an e-learning platform specifically targeted at young school students, which was be web based. This platform would allow the young students to learn a range of programming languages which include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the increase in e-learning platforms, it is fairly easy to get hold of data in relation to e-learning platforms. This project not only aims to educate the young students with the theory aspect of learning, but also proposed to be interactive allowing the user to as a result test their knowledge with a range of exercises and quizzes. Main goal for the project is to also provide three types of user access with individual rights, these users include: Admin, Tutor and Student. Both the Requirements report and Final project (including final report) were completed to first class standards.

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Start Up Logos and other graphic design work

Alongside the start of my Personalised Snapchat Filter business, I also have been doing some Freelancing. This involved working with a few start-up businesses and helped them to design their logos and business cards. Not only this but I have also been involved in designing t-shirts for their business advertisements. The newest venture at the moment is designing product packaging, this involved the creation of packiaging which is fully or semi designed by myself. Not only has all of this enhanced the skills I have but has also allowed me to widen my opportunities in terms of design.

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Web Analytics and Marketing Project at The University of Westminster

This module within my Univeristy course aimed to provide me an understanding of web marketing concepts, issues, and techniques, with particular reference to: utilisation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing. Within this course I learnt and worked with the new knowledge of the SEO techiniques such as performaing keyword research on Google AdWords and implementing these relevant keywords within the HTML code as well the copy (website) itself.

By the end of thid module, I was able to employ the techniques required to maximise the effectiveness of marketing on the web, with particular reference to social media, search engines and emails. In addition to this, the module enabled me to select and employ web analytics techniques in a way that tracks and measures the effectiveness of a brand’s website design and web marketing campaign.

*Please note that the website created in this module and content on it is fairly outdated.

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